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Kayah (Stereotyp Era)
RVC v2Other LanguageArtist


Embark on a melodious journey with Weights' groundbreaking "Kayah (Polish Singer) (Stereotyp Era) (RVC V2) (1000 Epochs)" AI Voice Model, designed to redefine the realm of AI music and voice reproduction. This state-of-the-art model captures the essence of Kayah, the illustrious Polish singer renowned for her soulful voice and enchanting melodies, especially from the Stereotyp album era. The RVC Model leverages a 2003 album dataset meticulously processed through RMVPE Extraction with an Ov2Super Pretrain approach, culminating in a rich, lifelike audio experience. Our AI technology has been trained over 1000 epochs with a batch size of 4 to ensure that the nuances of Kayah's vocal style are replicated with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're looking to create AI covers that resonate with the depth of real human vocals or employ text-to-speech functionalities for unique audio compositions, this model is a must-have for any enthusiast or professional seeking unparalleled authenticity. At Weights, we invite you to harness the power of our "Kayah (Polish Singer) (Stereotyp Era) (RVC V2) (1000 Epochs)" model and create AI Covers that stir the soul. Dive into the future of AI music creation with our free AI tools, and craft your own piece of audible art that embodies the spirit of Kayah's music era. Try it out today and let your creativity soar!

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