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Introducing Weights' latest innovation: "Aloof Battle Buddy," a cutting-edge AI Voice Model, fully optimized to bring the engaging and recognizable voice from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II into your projects. Crafted with the meticulous attention to achieve high fidelity, the model has been trained on RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology for 2,000 epochs, ensuring a versatile, expressive, and accurate rendition of the iconic character's voice. Our "Aloof Battle Buddy" RVC v2 model is integrated with robust machine learning capabilities, making it a perfect fit for generating AI Music, creating AI covers, and delivering immersive Text-to-Speech experiences. Whether you're looking to infuse your gaming content with a touch of familiarity or give life to your creative works through vocal dynamism, the "Aloof Battle Buddy" model is tailored to enhance your auditory interactivity. Echoing the intensity and sharpness characteristic of one of the most memorable personas in video gaming, our RVC model blurs the line between artificial and human-like speech. Dive into the universe of AI-powered audio with Weights. Create AI Covers or Text-to-Speech scripts that resonate with your audience using our free AI tools. Experience unparalleled voice synthesis and embark on a journey of sonic innovation — start creating with Weights today.

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