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Mococo Abyssgard (FUWAMOCO/Hololive Advent)

Mococo Abyssgard (FUWAMOCO/Hololive Advent)

EnglishRVC V2E-celebArtist





Meet our latest breakthrough in AI voice synthesis—Mococo Abyssgard, modelled after the melodious charm of FUWAMOCO/Hololive Advent, now meticulously trained over 280 epochs and refined through 10.3K steps. This state-of-the-art RVC Model harnesses a 32K sample rate to produce unparalleled clarity and tonal accuracy, capturing the essence of Mococo's unique vocal signature. Originally designed for exclusive use, this model draws inspiration from the much-celebrated AI cover of Mococo that brought a viral sensation to the rendition of "679" by Fetty Wap. Whether you're looking to create AI covers that resonate with the style of anime music trends, or delve into the world of AI-powered music innovation, the Mococo Abyssgard model from Weights ensures your creations hit every note with precision and emotive range. Elevate your projects by harnessing the power of AI music—start creating your mesmerizing AI covers or implement text-to-speech functionalities with our free AI tools today. Dive into the Abyssgard experience and let your creativity soar with Weights.

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