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Acid [ Animatic Battle EP 2 ]


Experience an auditory revolution with Weights' latest breakthrough, the Acid Animatic Battle EP 2 RVC V2, honed to perfection over 150 EPOCHS. Our advanced AI Voice Model encapsulates a unique blend of pitch and tone tailored for both male and female vocal ranges, transforming any text into an expressive, dynamic, and gender-versatile narration. Delve into an AI-driven world where the vocal attributes of sacri are masterfully captured, offering a rich, authentic sound profile perfect for AI music and immersive voice experiences. With our RVC Model's unparalleled precision, you can effortlessly create AI covers that resonate with depth and realism. Unleash your creative potential; use Weights' free AI tools to generate captivating text-to-speech content or melodious AI covers. Start your sonic journey today with Weights, where innovation meets artistry.

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