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Nonagon [ Animatic Battle ] - [ THIS IS BAD ]
EnglishRVC V2Non-Voice / OtherFictional


Unleash the power of AI music creation with Weights' latest RVC V2 CREPE model. Our Nonagon Animatic Battle AI Voice Model represents an advanced leap in retrieval-based voice conversion technology. With 150 epochs of training, this RVC model has been tailored to perfection, ensuring high-fidelity AI covers that are virtually indistinguishable from human performances. The Nonagon model employs 12 distinct pitch ranges, delivering unprecedented control and versatility for your AI-generated music compositions. Whether you're looking to create AI covers of existing tracks or experimenting with new text-to-speech applications, this model's precision and clarity stand out in the realm of AI voice synthesis. Ready to transform the way you produce AI music? Harness the capabilities of our Nonagon RVC V2 CREPE model. Visit Weights to explore our free AI tools and start crafting your unique AI covers and vocal compositions today!

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