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Bouquet [ Animatic Battle / AB ]


Embark on a journey of auditory innovation with "Bouquet [Animatic Battle / AB] RVC V2 - 100 EPOCHS," a cutting-edge AI Voice Model crafted by Weights. This model specializes in Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), boasting an impressive 100 epochs of fine-tuned voice data. With a diverse pitch range that encompasses 6 male and 0 female tonalities, Bouquet is an ideal model for creators looking to generate compelling AI music and create AI covers that resonate with audiences. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to various audio environments makes it a versatile tool for both animatic battles and engaging text-to-speech applications. Whether you're an animator, musician, or storyteller, Bouquet's RVC Model holds the key to unlocking rich, dynamic, and lifelike auditory experiences. With this AI-powered model, you have the freedom to transform your creative vision into reality. Explore the potential of AI with Weights and enhance your projects with Bouquet's unmatched vocal range and quality. Start creating your unique AI Covers and experience the power of text-to-speech with our free AI tools today. Dive into a world where your voice has no limits.

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