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Coconut (Nekopara)

Coconut (Nekopara)






Introducing the "Coconut (Nekopara) RVC v2 Model," a masterfully crafted AI voice model, trained meticulously through 475 epochs for unparalleled accuracy and sound quality. Evolved from the Ilaria RVC mainline, this model is the epitome of precision, utilizing 13:30 minutes of high-fidelity voice data from the beloved Nekopara Vol. 4, characterized by the distinctive voice of Tezuka Ryouko. Our model is honed via advanced pitch extraction techniques, ensuring every note and nuance is captured, replicated with 19.4k training steps and optimized for a seamless integration into your RVC setup. Revolutionary in its approach, the Coconut RVC v2 Model incorporates a regular V2 pretrain regimen, fortified by a batch size of 7 to ensure a robust and natural sound. This makes it a perfect fit for creators seeking to generate AI-driven music, craft dynamic AI covers, or bring to life engaging text-to-speech applications with a unique and recognizable character voice. Leveraging the power of cutting-edge RVC technology, Weights empowers you to transform narratives with the authentic charm of Coconut's AI persona. Immerse yourself in the future of digital voice creation with our RVC Model and embrace the potential of AI music and AI covers. Begin your journey into effortless voice conversion and explore the sonic possibilities with our free AI tools today. Create, innovate, and revolutionize with Weights.

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