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Sora Amamiya [Itaila Pretrained]


Introducing the "Sora Amamiya [Itaila Pretrained]" RVC Model, a cutting-edge AI Voice Model that embodies the vocal essence of the renowned voice actress Sora Amamiya. Her voice, celebrated for animating characters like Akame in "Akame ga Kill!", Aqua in "KonoSuba," and Kasumi Yoshizawa in "Persona 5 Royal," is now accessible for creators globally through Weights. The model has been meticulously trained with over eight minutes of Sora's singing and dialogue from "Paint It Sky," at a sample rate of 32k to ensure high-fidelity replication of her melodious and dynamic tones. This RVC Model is an invaluable asset for AI Music enthusiasts, harnessing the power of Weights's technology to generate mesmerizing AI Covers and Text-to-Speech applications that resonate with the authenticity of Sora Amamiya's voice. Whether you're looking to create a cover of your favorite song or implement expressive dialogue in your production, this model offers unparalleled flexibility and quality. Join the vanguard of AI-driven entertainment with Weights. Leverage the Sora Amamiya RVC Model to bring your creative projects to life. Explore our free AI tools today and start creating AI Covers that captivate and inspire audiences around the world. Your next breakthrough is just a click away – unleash the power of AI with Weights.

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