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Eggnog Jr. [ Animatic Battle ]


Presenting "Eggnog Jr. [ Animatic Battle ] RVC V2 - 150 EPOCHS," a game-changing AI Voice Model by Weights, designed for innovative technology lovers and AI enthusiasts. Leveraging advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this model exhibits unparalleled performance. After completing an impressive run of 150 epochs, Eggnog Jr. has been refined to deliver top-notch results. Specifically crafted to sync flawlessly with AI Music, this model utilizes an optimum setting configuration of index 0.7/0.6 to offer the most realistic and engaging AI voice experience. This RVC model stands as an ideal pick for anyone looking to create AI Covers seamlessly. Its sophistication and creative possibilities make it a sought-after model in the AI space. We encourage you to utilize our free AI tools to create mesmerizing AI Covers or proficient Text-to-Speech projects with Eggnog Jr. Discover the future of AI voices with Weights now.

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