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Minidisky [ Animatic Battle ]


Introducing Weights' latest AI voice model, "Minidisky [Animatic Battle] RVC V2 - 100 EPOCHS." With its advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this model boasts unmatched voice imitation and conversion capabilities that enable unprecedented versatility in AI music creation. It's optimized for a seamless musical journey, as it has been developed over 100 epochs. The model is markedly distinguished by its unique ability to recreate various voice patterns, making it perfect for creating AI covers. With this tool, the power to engineer authentic AI-originated music is just a click away. Incorporating the musical essence of the distinguished Minidisky, the Animatic Battle RVC model seeks to be a pioneer in the AI music transformation. We invite you to harness the immense potential of our model to create a symphony of AI-generated music. Venture into an enthralling world of AI music with Weights' free AI tools and allow Variational Autoencoders to transform your text into melodic speech that echoes through eternity. Create your AI Covers or Text-to-Speech today. Experience AI music like never before. Elevate your music. Only with Weights.

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