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Snap - ChalkZone


Introducing our newest AI Voice Model, "Snap - ChalkZone (RVC) 400 Epochs". Harnessing the power of RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, Snap - ChalkZone delivers unparalleled accuracy and vocal characteristics for those who seek to recreate the iconic catchphrase "Rudy, you gotta draw something!" Provided with rigorous training using v2 rmvpe 40k (OV2 Pretrain) for optimum precision, this model imbues an entire minute and 9 seconds from the 1st season of the much-loved series. For desirable results, it is recommended to keep transpose from 0 to +12. Additionally, look forward to exciting upcoming releases of Rudy and Penny models. If AI Music and creating AI Covers fascinate you, delve into the world of voice conversion with Weights. We provide seamless and user-friendly tools to extend your creativity onto Text-to-Speech or AI Covers. Experience the magic of voice synthesis today with our cutting-edge, free AI tools!

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