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H2oSakana (CEO of Phase Connect)

H2oSakana (CEO of Phase Connect)






Introducing the "H2oSakana (CEO of Phase Connect) (RVC v2) - 520 Epochs" AI Voice Model from Weights. This sophisticated RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) Model embodies the unparalleled essence of the CEO of Phase Connect, trained meticulously on over 11 minutes of his eloquent speech from Jelly's AMA stream. This model, optimized after a staggering 520 epochs, employs advanced pitch extraction techniques like RMVPE and utilizes a batch size of 7 for efficient training. Adopting the power and precision of the regular V2, the model also integrates the innovative capabilities of a 32k Huggingface. Harness your creative prowess in AI music and create persuasive AI covers that adroitly mimic the CEO’s distinctive voice. Explore the futuristic scope of Text-to-Speech conversion with our leading-edge free AI tools at Weights. So why wait? Embrace the future of AI and create your unique AI Covers today!

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