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Mordecai (Regular Show)

Mordecai (Regular Show)

RVC v2Fictional





Introducing the "Mordecai (RMVPE) Hop Length 60", an AI Voice Model that reinvents AI music creation with its state-of-the-art features. Our AI model is finely tuned with a hop length setting of 60 and a high definition frequency of 48k hz, designed for optimum sound clarity. What firmly places this model in a league of its own is its use of RMVPE Pitch Guidance, bringing unparalleled precision to voice modulation. This RVC Model takes advantage of a rich and extensive dataset, double the regular length, encompassing 20 minutes of musical diverseness. Spanning the seasons 1 to 4, this model goes beyond the ordinary, capturing a broad range of musical nuances. Create awe-inspiring AI Covers or bring your written words to auditory life with our advanced Text-to-Speech capabilities. Unleash the potential of AI Music now with our high-precision, free tools at Weights. Discover the future with us; start creating today!

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