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Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch



Introducing the Ross Lynch AI Voice Model - a superior embodiment of the latest RVC technology, version 2 with RMVPE Ov2 configuration. This model is expertly designed to generate AI music with an uncanny resemblance to Ross Lynch’s voice, the singer you adored growing up, and for ‘Austin & Ally’ fans, the voice of the unforgettable Austin Moon. At Weights, we've curated a comprehensive dataset from the coveted Austin & Ally Soundtrack, enabling the model to master the unique modulations and nuances of his voice over 200 epochs. Whether you are a fan of Ross Lynch, his character, Austin Moon, or a lover of the catchy R5 melodies, this AI model brings his voice to your fingertips for a uniquely personalized AI music experience. Open up new creative frontiers by using our innovative RVC model to create AI covers that sound authentically like Ross. Enrich your audio content with our Text-to-Speech functionalities as well! Dip your toes into the world of AI Music with our free AI tools and embark on a novel musical journey with Ross Lynch's voice leading the way.

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