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Mario (Charles Martinet) (Español)


Introducing our AI Voice Model, titled "Mario (Charles Martinet) (Español) (RVC v2, RMVPE) (350 epochs)", exclusively designed by Weights. This localization-trained, forward-thinking model employs a passionate Spanish rendition of Mario, voice originated by Charles Martinet, all meticulously tuned through innovative Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. With 350 training epochs under its belt, this RVC model stands at the forefront of AI Music, encapsulating every nuance of the iconic video game hero, Mario. Its incredible capability to reproduce the same inflections and accents not only adds a fresh experience to your AI Music, but also opens up opportunities to Create AI Covers that touch authenticity. Our RMVPE version raises the bar further, offering superior performance and preciseness while allowing personalized text-to-speech transformation. So why wait? Utilize Weights' free AI tools today, start creating AI Covers or convert your unique scripts into voice with our Text-to-Speech technology right away, and lend your projects a lifelike Mario voiceover that's unparalleled and truly captivating.

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