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Serj Tankian (System of a Down) (Toxicity/STA! Era)

Serj Tankian (System of a Down) (Toxicity/STA! Era)






Introducing our revolutionary AI Voice Model, Serj Tankian. This model embodies the uniquely intense and melodic style of the System of a Down vocalist during the Toxicity/STA! Era. Utilizing advanced Titan pretrain RVC v2, and RMVPE with 200 epochs, it accurately synthesizes the vocal characteristics evocative of the era including the rough, distorted vocals, balanced with a keen focus on emulating softer vocal tones. This capability sets it apart from the original version which was designed on our preceding RVC v1 platform. This model's training involved a substantial dataset, lasting 30 minutes, sampled at a rate of 40k - underlining the relatively high quality and versatility of this new model. Ready to take your AI Music to another level? Create engaging AI Covers or Text-to-Speech today with Weights' free AI tools powered by our superior AI Voice Model. Experience the power of optimized RVC Models and let your digital content speak volumes.

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