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Shino Kiryuu (Girlfriend Girlfriend)

Shino Kiryuu (Girlfriend Girlfriend)






Introducing the "Shino Kiryuu (Girlfriend Girlfriend) (RVC V2) (RVMPE) (300 Epochs)" - the next-level, AI voice model designed and refined by us at Weights. This model, meticulously developed over 300 epochs, encapsulates the essence of the well-loved character, Shino Kiryuu from the renowned anime series "Girlfriend Girlfriend". Carefully curated from a broad dataset, the speaking capabilities are finely tuned to create an authentic adaptation, although singing may slightly vary. Interestingly, our voice model also provides Japanese news story samples for a more comprehensive experience. Leveraging the power of the Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this AI voice model guarantees a seamless text-to-speech transformation process. Moreover, you can use our RVC model to create immersive AI music, taking your listening experience to a new dimension. Experience the future of AI covers at your fingertips - utilize our free AI tools at Weights and transform your text into a melodious symphony or a compelling news piece. Be part of the AI revolution, venture into the world of sound limited only by your imagination.

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