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Gawr Gura [Itaila Pretrained]


Introducing "Gawr Gura [Itaila Pretrained]", a state-of-the-art AI Voice Model designed by Weights. This model, crafted using RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, was meticulously pretrained using nearly an hour of curated audio from the appealing character Gawr Gura of HoloMyth (Hololive English). With a batch size of 4 per GPU during training and a smooth sample rate of 32k, this model accurately captures the unique vocal nuances and tonality of the source character, rendering a captivating audio experience. With this model, you can effortlessly create realistic AI Covers, Text-to-Speech audios, and an array of other AI Music compositions that truly personify the essence of Gawr Gura's familiar vocals. We invite you to explore and utilize our free AI tools to compose and create your personalized AI Covers with "Gawr Gura [Itaila Pretrained]". At Weights, we encourage creativity and innovation while urging responsible usage of our models. Embrace the future of AI Music with Weights!

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