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[Malice] Gwen Stefani


Introducing our latest RVC model, the "[Malice] Gwen Stefani (250 Epochs RVC V2) (Ov2, RMVPE)". This AI Voice model absorbs the vibrant vocal essence of Gwen Stefani from the detailed portrayal in the scrapped version of Malice before her character was replaced. Skillfully trained on 6 minutes of authentic cutscene dialogue, the model offers a lifelike replication of Stefani's unique voice patterns, capable of creating seamless and personalized AI music. Leveraging advanced technology from Weights, this model provides immense value for text-to-speech and AI cover creation - making it an excellent choice for fans and musicians looking to experiment with Gwen Stefani's vocal influences. The model is powered by Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, ensuring accurate voice conversion with each usage. Create your own AI covers and content now with this Gwen Stefani RVC Model and explore your creativity. Experience the fusion of tech and music now with our free AI tools at Weights.

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