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Choi Jungeun 최정은 / I-LAND 2

Choi Jungeun 최정은 / I-LAND 2

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Introducing "Jungeun," another benchmark in our extensive range of technology. This AI Voice Model, directly derived from the beloved character of I-LAND 2, taps into the rich field of AI Music, while simultaneously elevating the voice-modulation capabilities of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC). Specifically, Jungeun leverages advanced artificial intelligence to reproduce music that touches the soul. The model's range, tonality, and softness work in harmony to create a truly transcendent auditory experience. The potential of the RVC Model embodied in Jungeun doesn’t stop at music; it also extends to deliver high-quality text-to-speech conversion for a wide variety of applications. There's a certain level of refinement and elegance in the Jungeun's outcomes that promote a revolution in AI Music and text narration domains. Exploring the boundless landscapes of voice imitation has never been this simple and accessible. Here at Weights, we urge you to venture into the world of AI Covers with Jungeun. Discover an unmatched level of realism as our free AI tools become the bridge to your creativity. Let your imagination take flight, and start crafting immersive AI Covers and Text-to-Speech conversions today.

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