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Showcase your creativity with Weights's revolutionary "Tord (Beyond/un-official, 7 tord fan made voices mixed)" RVC Model. Leveraging the power of AI music, this model brings together a unique blend of voices from seven fan actors, resulting in an impressive Tord Beyond voicemodel. With a vast training experience of 800 epochs, this AI voice model captures the versatility and depth of Tord in unprecedented details. Whether you're a fan creating your own videos or a professional in need of a distinct voiceover, this model delivers exceptional performance. Remember to credit the original creator (credit:@chromefunkisback) when you use it. So why wait? Start creating AI Covers or using our Text-to-Speech capabilities with our free AI tools from Weights. Dive into the world of sound, unleash your creativity and explore the potential of AI music with our specially curated Tord Voice Model.

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