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Ash A-11 (Fnf vs. Bob and Bosip)
RVC v2FictionalEnglishArtistE-CelebYouTubeurSingerSonaOV240 EpochsFriday Night Funkin'AshAsh237Bob and BosipScammerAsh-A11


Introducing the sophisticated Ash A-11 (Fnf vs. Bob and Bosip) AI Voice Model, embodying the essence of the dynamic character from the recognizable Fnf vs. Bob and Bosipseries where he is portrayed with an intriguing gentle femboy creature-like persona. Uniquely designed by Weights, this model in its essence replicates the soft and appealing voice timbre of the character as vocalized by the talented MagnooPop. Unlike his real-life counterpart, who is typically associated with scamming people out of money, this AI model showcases his compassionate and gentle demeanor. Our ingenious algorithm trained with RVC2 and OV2 over 40 epochs leverages the power of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, delivering an impeccable and authentic voice replication. This model utilizes all his original mod voice lines along with the chromatic scale, ensuring a rich and versatile sonic experience. Experience the power of our free AI tools now and create captivating AI Music and transformative AI Covers. While credits are not necessary, we strongly encourage respect for intellectual property rights and discourage unauthenticated claims over the model. Let your creativity flourish with Weights, start generating Text-to-Speech Like never before!

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