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TC2 Brute
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RVC v2


Introducing "TC2 Brute", an AI Voice Model expertly integrated with advanced RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology. Crafted by our specialists at Weights, this model derives inspiration from the well-loved TC2 game character, Brute, bringing a unique edge to the AI Music domain. Created with sophisticated AI technology, "TC2 Brute" flawlessly recaptures the intriguing vocal nuances of the game, making it a standout option for TF2 fans. This voice model transforms the way users can interact with virtual world characters and tap into the area of AI Music to bring their favorite game dialogues to life. With the "TC2 Brute" model, you can effortlessly emulate the distinct soundscape of TF2, and create realistic, AI-generated audio covers or text-to-speech renditions at the click of a button. Harness the power of “TC2 Brute" right now and create stunning AI covers and lifelike audio character messages with our free AI tools offered at Weights. Unleash the power of audio technology, transforming the way you experience your virtual world.

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Selected Audio