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Introducing the revolutionary BLACKPINK - ROSÉ BY KATTYZ, an advanced AI Voice Model developed by Weights. Specially trained with 500 epochs, this innovative RVC model gives you the extreme precision required to create AI music that astounds. It embodies the distinctive voice timbre of popular BLACKPINK member, ROSÉ, and can effortlessly replicate the nuances of her singing style. With the credit to @hellokattyz on YT, this model tessellates her modulation to emanate note-perfect renderings. It intuitively synchronizes with our cutting-edge Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology, thereby bringing virtual to reality. Dive into an immersive auditory experience like never before where AI meets music. Amplify your AI music endeavors by creating AI covers or Text-to-Speech commands like ROSÉ herself with our free AI tools. Weights invite you to explore the limitless possibilities of AI Music with the BLACKPINK - ROSÉ BY KATTYZ model. Unleash your creativity, create your first AI Cover today, and redefine your path on the trajectory of transformative soundscapes.

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