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Kenshi Yonezu(2019)


Introducing Weights' pioneering AI Voice Model - Kenshi Yonezu (2019) - a masterpiece in the domain of AI Music. Our model simulates characteristics of the human voice, delicately encapsulates the soulful and powerful tonal range of Yonezu, and successfully translates this into spectacular AI musical creations. Inspired by and named after the versatile multipotentialite of Japanese music, Kenshi Yonezu, this model encapsulates his style, offering a striking likeness to his voice from the year 2019, as captured in "When The Spine Becomes Opal". Through the application of our revolutionary Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC), this model meticulously replicates Yonezu's unique blend of raw emotion and vocal versatility. Harness artificial intelligence's transformative power to create AI Covers with the Kenshi Yonezu (2019) model, enriched by Weights’ advanced RVC technology. Experience the seamless fusion of AI progression and musical innovation with our free AI tools and join us on this exciting journey. Dare to reimagine the future of Text-to-Speech and music production with Weights. Your next AI Cover is just a few clicks away!

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