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Virat Kholi
RVC v2Cricketer


Introducing the Virat Kholi RVC v2 AI Voice Model, specially curated by Weights to incorporate the distinctive voice of the globally renowned Indian cricketer - Virat Kholi. Embodied with capabilities of speculating Kholi's voice patterns, this RVC AI Music model offers an unprecedented opportunity for creators to produce AI covers or text-to-speech audios that emulate the iconic voice of this sporting legend. Leveraging advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology (RVC), this model is a hallmark of Weights' commitment to innovation and perfecting the artistic facets of AI-powered music creation. Harness the proclivity of our nurtured AI tools, specifically designed for the RVC model's superior performance, for your creative quests. This Virat Kholi RVC v2 AI Voice model is primed to facilitate a novel means of intertwining the worlds of sport and music. Welcome to an evolutionary paradigm: where music meets AI in the most anticipated cross-over yet. Now you can create AI Covers or text-to-speech audios with our free AI tools, transforming the way you experiment with sounds and voices. Explore and experience today with Weights!

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