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Obese *insert homophobic slur* (hottestdog)


Introducing Weights' cutting-edge "Hottestdog" AI Voice Model, a unique RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) Model that draws parallels with the fun-loving character of Golden Freddy/Chief from the Special Series. This model is celebrated for its distinctive comedic flair, boasting a playful old man's voice that adds an endearing touch to your AI music. The Hottestdog AI Voice Model is particularly noted for its nuanced voice modulation, where the jaw sound placement is contrived much closer to the head, rendering a unique voice profile. Moreover, the model's large virtual eyebrows add an amusing appeal to its character projection. Create AI covers or text-to-speech with our free AI tools and allow the Hottestdog AI Voice Model to add an enthusiastically humorous touch to your projects. Experience the innovation of AI music with the unrivaled versatility of the Hottestdog RVC Model. Transform your voice conversion experience today with Weights.

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