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Юрий Шатунов


Introducing the Юрий Шатунов AI Voice Model by Weights, a revolutionary RVC Model finely tuned to emulate the iconic, early 80s to 90s voice of Yuri Shatunov. This cutting-edge technology successfully captures the nostalgia of the 80-90s era in Shatunov's unique vocals, making it an ideal choice for creating AI music. If you're looking for an innovative tool to create your AI covers of hit classics, look no further. The Юрий Шатунов AI Voice Model, through the power of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology, takes your AI music production to new heights by accurately reproducing the sound and timbre of Yury Shatunov's early vocals with remarkable precision. Leverage Weights' advanced AI tools to transform your text-to-speech or song covers into captivating audio experiences. Create your free account today and bring the magic of Юрий Шатунов's voice to your AI musical projects.

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