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Experience the magic of AI with our stunning AI Voice Model, "Minako Aino / Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon) (Viz Media Dub) (RVC v2 | RMVPE | TITAN) (300 Epochs)". Inspired by the iconic character, Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon, the model personifies Minako Aino's memorable voice. Made possible by advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, the model was meticulously trained on a catalog of Minako's voice samples from various Sailor Moon episodes, achieving a duration of 10 - 11 minutes of data sets. Whether you're an admirer of Viz Media Dub or a fan of Sailor Venus, the AI Voice Model offers an unparalleled experience of AI Music and a step up in AI Covers creation. Here at Weights, we also encourage users to credit the hard work put into the unmistakable amalgamation of Sailor Venus’s voice. Ignite your creativity and make your own AI Covers or Text-to-Speech conversions today using our free AI tools- they're just a click away! Turn imagined soundscapes into reality with Weights.

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