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Kagami Chihiro [Blue Archive]
RVC v2JapaneseAnimeFictional


Introducing Kagami Chihiro, an advanced retrieval-based voice conversion (RVC) model from Weights, your trusted AI music solution. This model has been trained over 550 epochs and comes with a RMVPE feature, bringing Chihiro Kagami, the vice president of Veritas from Blue Archive, to life. Kagami Chihiro AI voice model imitates human-like speech patterns with an impressive precision, making it an excellent choice for those in need of a versatile voice for AI music creation or text-to-speech conversion. With the Kagami Chihiro model engaged, you can create AI covers in a breeze and witness the magic of voice conversion. With Weights, AI music creation has never been easier or more customization. Take full advantage of the Kagami Chihiro RVC V2 model and explore its broad range of potential applications. Start creating your own AI covers or use our innovative text-to-speech tools for free today. This model is all set to add a unique flair to your AI applications. Explore Weights and let your creativity take flight.

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