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Elsa do 7Minutoz (Felícia Rock)
RVC v2YoutuberPortuguêsCantor(a)


Meet the "Elsa do 7Minutoz (Felícia Rock) (RVC v2 Titan - 310 Epochs)" AI Voice Model, developed by Weights. Our innovative AI voice model is designed utilizing advancements in Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, which has undergone an extensive 310 training epochs. It captures and emulates the dynamic voice textures of popular musician, Elsa do 7Minutoz, also known as Felícia Rock. Her unique vocals, often overlaid in the Duelo de Tits musical show, have provided diverse datasets of superior quality, though variable due to the mixed vocals inherent in the show. This smart model, courtesy of our skilled developer, Barboza, intelligently navigates these variables, recreating her voice authentically. Interested in AI music production? Use our ground-breaking Elsa do 7Minutoz AI Voice Model to create AI covers or text-to-speech outputs. Take advantage of our free AI tools at Weights for an unparalleled experience in sound rendition.

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