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Cori (Tish Tash)


Introducing Cori (Tish Tash), our top-notch AI Voice Model constructed and optimized for RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion). This exceptional model, developed by Weights, exhibits both accuracy and naturalness, making it a perfect choice for AI music creation or text-to-speech conversion. Cori uses sophisticated technology to generate high-definition sound that closely mimics the unique timbre and cadence of the Tish Tash character. It seamlessly transforms inputs through AI-empowered algorithms and is an innovatively designed model that fits into any audio environment. Whether you're interested in creating AI Covers or producing premium, realistic text-to-speech sounds, Cori brings a creative edge with unparalleled auditory performance. Become a part of the AI Music revolution. Use Weights to explore the limitless possibilities and unleash your artistic potential. Enjoy our free AI tools and give life to your unique imaginary universe with impressively realistic AI sound. Create AI Covers or Text-to-Speech now!

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Selected Audio