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Little Prince (Clash Royale) (32k)

Little Prince (Clash Royale) (32k)






Introducing "Little Prince (Clash Royale) (OV2) (RVC V2) (32k) (Rmvpe) (450 epoch)" - a distinct AI voice model tailored by Weights. This remarkably advanced RVC model is designed for both male and female voice types, shifting pitch effortlessly from +3 for female voices to -9 for male tones. The epitome of next-generation AI Music, this model features a pretraining on OV2 with outstanding 1.609K steps while exploiting a sophisticated RMVPE pitch extraction algorithm. Significantly, the model sets the standard for efficient data processing with a batch size of 8 and hop length of 64. Engineered over an intense 450 epoch training, the resultant model decodes data at a commendable 32k sample rate, all thanks to a professionally curated in-house dataset. Bring life to your text or create stunning AI Covers with the "Little Prince" model using our free AI tools at Weights. Experience the remarkable performance and astounding realism that our AI voice model delivers. Don't wait - start making magic with AI today!

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