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Choco Yuzuki
RVC v2JapaneseE-Celeb


Introducing our advanced AI Voice Model, Choco Yuzuki, expertly crafted using innovative RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology. Inspiringly originated from Hololive, this model exudes a unique charm and replicates lifelike speaking patterns in a captivating fashion. The staggering batch size per GPU used during its training is 4, setting remarkable accuracy standards. With a top-notch sample rate of 32k, Choco Yuzuki showcases a remarkable AI Music prowess that truly stands out in the AI Voice Model arena. At Weights, we are committed to promoting responsible usage of our models and supporting our community with all things AI Music. Want to create AI Covers or delve into Text-to-Speech possibilities? Start experimenting with our free AI tools today and experience a new dimension in AI Music. Ignite your imagination with Choco Yuzuki and conquer the world of AI music with Weights.

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