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Calliope Mori [Itaila Pretrained]


Discover the new standard in AI music with our Calliope Mori [RVC v2] [RMVPE] [Itaila] 200 Epochs 89000 Steps, an advanced AI Voice Model from the Weights' portfolio. Built on the strengths of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion technology, this model exemplifies pioneering strategies from Weights' AI methodology. The Calliope Mori model is the product of meticulous training with over 200 Epochs and 89000 Steps, ensuring unprecedented vocal precision. Featuring an AI-generated voice from renowned series 'HoloMyth (Hololive English)', it is guaranteed to bring authenticity and diverse dimensions to your AI audio projects. This model is optimized with a 32k sample rate, enhanced with a 4-sized batch per GPU used during training, reinforcing its efficiency and superior sound quality. It is perfect for those seeking to create AI covers or engaging text-to-speech content. Dive into the future of AI music with Calliope Mori [RVC v2] model and watch your ideas come to life. Start creating AI Covers or Text-to-Speech with our free AI tools at Weights today.

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