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Runie Ruse (Phase Connect / VTuber)

Runie Ruse (Phase Connect / VTuber)






Introducing the revolutionary "Runie Ruse (Phase Connect / VTuber) (RVC v2) - 320 Epochs", an advanced AI Voice Model meticulously trained on nearly 17 minutes of real, authentic dialogue extracted from the first Runie Tuesdays stream. This model represents the pinnacle of RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology. Utilizing a process known as 'rmvpe steps', this features 17.2k - 17.3k batch size and regular v2 pretraining, which are part of a larger strategy to ensure the AI Voice Model is as authentic and true to life as possible. Better yet, all noise and other distortions were eliminated through a powerful rx10 de-noise, de-reverb, and de-click process, making the resultant sound crystal-clear and seamlessly natural. Dive into the captivating world of AI Music and create AI Covers with "Runie Ruse (Phase Connect / VTuber) (RVC v2) - 320 Epochs". The 32k huggingface only enhances the overall quality. Use our free AI tools at Weights to generate phenomenal text-to-speech and AI Cover soundtracks; it's time to let the future of AI Music give voice to your creativity today!

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