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Introducing Pico, a cutting-edge AI Voice Model developed by Weights, revolutionizing the AI Music world with our RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology. This model, advanced through 300 meticulous training epochs, leverages state-of-the-art features derived from FNF (Friday Night Funkin), RMVPE, and TITAN pretrain, rendering Pico an ultimate choice for generating superior quality AI Music. Pico's voice actor is none other than the esteemed Kawaisprite, who infuses the model with a unique sonic character that sets it apart in the busy space of AI audio. This embodiment, optimized for uncovering the expressive potentials of AI, is perfect for those looking to Create AI Covers or apply Text-to-Speech technology with unparalleled accuracy and authenticity. Relying on the advanced RVC Model developed by Weights, Pico broadens new boundaries for not just AI Music but also Text-to-Speech applications. Take a chance, start experimenting with Pico's unique qualities, and Create AI Covers or Text-to-Speech instances that align with your needs using our free AI tools. Pico awaits to unveil its magnificent capabilities just for you. Time to set the rhythm with Pico!

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