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Introducing XenophanesNOFX, an advanced AI voice model developed by Weights and specialised for bringing digital audio experiences to life. Meticulously trained on our innovative RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology, XenophanesNOFX exemplifies the immersive capabilities of AI music. With the essence of the character Xenophanes from 'Friday Night Funkin' captured in the tonal nuances of the model, it creates high fidelity renditions of the in-game voice and the character's unique vibrato. Discover a whole new realm of rhythmmatic interactions and audio ventilation with the XenophanesNOFX model. Create AI Covers that resonate with a fresh dynamism that only an AI model of Xenophanes' calibre can evoke. With the ultimate goal to push the boundaries of AI music into new, exciting spheres, Weights has equipped XenophanesNOFX with the ability to convert simple text-to-speech into vibrant audio clips. Take advantage of Weights' innovative AI tools and conjure stunning audio masterpieces that pierce the boundary between reality and AI. Start creating your AI covers or text-to-speech conversions for free today with Weights and unveil the power of AI music and RVC models.

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