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Yoru (Daisuke Takahashi) (Valorant) (TITAN) (32k)

Yoru (Daisuke Takahashi) (Valorant) (TITAN) (32k)



Introducing "Yoru (Daisuke Takahashi) (Vanlorant) (TITAN) (RVC V2) (32k) (Rmvpe) (150 epoch)", a state-of-the-art RVC Model customized for AI music production, epitomizing cutting-edge AI technology. Powered by the advanced Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, this model marks the future of AI music and voice conversion. Developed on the significantly powerful Titan platform, Yoru is specifically geared towards creating intricate and rich AI Covers with stunning audio fidelity. Equipped with a unique pitch extraction algorithm, RMVPE, and operating on a 32k sample rate, the model wielding Yoru’s AI Voice Model ensures seamless precision and excellence. Its user-friendly features include suggested pitches, specifically articulated for both male and female voices. The model was trained through a rigorous batch cycle incorporating 150 epochs and a strategic hop length of 64, based on a dataset that was both curated and trained by us here at Weights. Start creating phenomenal AI covers or take advantage of Text-to-Speech services with our free AI tools, and elevate your music experience to an entirely new level with the Yoru RVC Model. Experience the future today at Weights.

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