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Starvwared Tentacles


Experience AI Music like never before with our "Starvwared Tentacles" model from Weights. This AI Voice Model brings the character from Friday Night Funkin (FNF) to life, delivering a significant hit single, "Real: Darnell Wet Fart". Thoroughly developed over 300 Epochs, the model showcases the beauty of Retriever-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. This is a lore-accurate model that authentically replicates the effects applied over the voice actor’s original lines for an incredibly immersive experience, with a respect for quality that leads to no compromise on the effects. The model is backed by the vocal prowess of Rodger Bumpass, albeit the voice of Starvwared was initially provided by Churgney Gurgney in the FNF mod. As part of our RMVPE and TITAN line-up, Starvwared Tentacles makes a unique addition to your AI music toolkit. Curate seamless, stunning AI covers or add rich, dynamic voiceovers to your text-to-speech applications. Get onboard this revolutionary journey into the world of AI music with Weights. Try our free AI tools to create your next AI Cover or Text-to-Speech track today.

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