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William Afton (CattyCodes) [TITAN PRETRAIN]

William Afton (CattyCodes) [TITAN PRETRAIN]



Introducing the powerful AI Voice Model titled "William Afton (CattyCodes) (RVC V2) [TITAN PRETRAIN] 300 Epochs", an exceptional product offering from Weights. This RVC Model, designed by us, is inspired by advanced AI music technologies and can efficiently generate distinctive AI covers or convert text-to-speech. The intricate architecture of the model, the result of 300 Epochs of thorough pre-training, offers exceptional voice conversion experiences that are truly awe-inspiring. Further enhancing its appeal is the unique dataset sourced from CattyCodes, resulting in a robust and adaptable model boasting remarkable versatility. Its stunning capabilities soar when used with the suggested Pitch 12, accentuating its performance in delivering output that mirrors the intricacies and nuances of human speech and music. Dive into the realm of AI music with Weights – tap into technological advancements to transform your AI music projects. Join us now to experience and create phenomenal AI covers or text-to-speech renditions with our free AI tools.

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