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Step into the future of tech with our advanced AI Voice Model titled "Cat". This model has been designed to enhance your interaction with digital media through our innovative Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology. Expertly crafted at Weights to mimic and engage with sounds and tones associated with our feline friends, "Cat" provides a unique listening experience. This 'purr-fect' model pairs well with AI Music, thus offering a groundbreaking tool for musicians, game developers, voiceover artists, and anyone who wishes to add a touch of creative novelty to their soundscape. With "Cat," you have the ability to create AI Covers that are distinctive and tailored to your individual requirements. At Weights, we prioritize a quality sound experience that meets your unique needs. The power of AI Music and the unique experience of our RVC Model combine to bring you an unparalleled audio experience. Begin your exploration into the world of AI audio with our "Cat" model – take advantage of our free AI tools, designed with precision by Weights. Step up your game by creating your own AI Covers or experimenting with Text-to-Speech technology today!

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