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Introducing the advanced AI Voice Model "Senpai", meticulously trained through 300 epochs with robust datasets from FNF (Friday Night Funkin), RMVPE and TITAN pretrain. This innovative model is powered by Weights, a leader in AI Music technology. With our cutting-edge RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technique, Senpai offers a seamless voice-over experience, making it extremely suitable for creating AI covers and text-to-speech conversions. It encompasses a unique character design, based on the popular character from Friday Night Funkin', hence getting the apt title - "Senpai". Uniquely characterized by its remarkable skill diversity, it effortlessly covers a broad range of pitch and tempo. Whether you're a game developer seeking realistic in-game voiceovers or a music producer craving a distinctive edge, Senpai can neatly fit into your digital inventories and provide you with a top-notch performance. Start exploring the vast possibilities of AI Music with Senpai today. Create engaging AI Covers and lifelike text-to-speech with Weights' free AI tools and let your sound creations know no boundaries. Start transforming your audio experience now!

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