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Spooky Kids
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Experience the marvel of AI technology with our revolutionary "Spooky Kids" voice model. Fully trained over 300 epochs, this model integrates familiar elements from Spooky Month, FNF (Friday Night Funkin), RMVPE, alongside the intense and robust TITAN pretrain functionalities. Seamlessly patterned with influences from its original FNF VA: Sr Pelo, the Spooky Kids model presents a fascinating blend of artificial intelligence and music. This AI voice model is enhanced with RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion), a cutting-edge technology that heightens the depth and variance of its vocal output. Its integration with RVC Model underscores the growing trend in AI Music and aims to revolutionize how we perceive automated voices. With Weights' Spooky Kids model, users can effortlessly create AI Covers and text-to-speech transformations that embody a wide range of vocal distortions and modifications. We invite you to explore the realm of AI music with our free AI tools - design unique AI covers and revolutionize your digital music experience. Witness AI creativity like never before with our Spooky Kids model.

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