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Indomitable (Azur Lane)

Indomitable (Azur Lane)






Introducing the "Indomitable (Azur Lane) [JP] (RVC v2) (320 Epochs)" AI Voice Model from Weights. This state-of-the-art RVC Model is empowered by 320 epochs, ensuring high-quality text-to-speech and AI Music creation. The model is trained on a substantial dataset accumulated over ~9:56 minutes and processed through 8000 steps, promising remarkable accuracy and reliability. With the distinctive voice of Miku Itou, this AI Model brings to life the character of 'Indomitable', a characterized as a daydreamer, a notable characteristic stemmed from her history of being frequently docked during her service in the Royal Navy. Remarkably designed, this model effectively captures the character's essence from the popular game Azur Lane. Break the bounds of creativity with the 'Indomitable' AI Voice Model, perfect for creating enthralling AI Covers and elevating your text-to-speech needs effortlessly. Explore a world of possibilities and bring your content to life with Weights' free AI tools. Get started today!

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