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Random ASMR Or EGirl


Introducing Weights' newest advancement in AI technology, the "Random ASMR Or EGirl (RVC V2-TITAN Pretrain) (140 Epochs) (RMVPE)" AI voice model. This state-of-the-art model finely merges elements of artificial intelligence, voice conversion and ASMR functionalities into one powerful platform. Trained over 140 epochs, this RVC V2-Titan pretrain model has been intricately devised to create unparalleled AI covers and AI music that provoke immersive sensory experiences, synonymous with ASMR, and likened to the melodious charm of an e-girl voice. The highlight of this groundbreaking technology is its use of Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion, or RVC, developing dramatic improvements in voice imitation and adaptability, while reducing the margin of voice prediction error (RMVPE). We invite you to utilize Weights' cutting-edge AI tools for free, and unleash your creativity with text-to-speech conversions and AI cover creation. Generate mesmerizing AI covers and transform your innovative ideas into sonic reality with our sophisticated AI technology geared towards reshaping the landscape of AI music.

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