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Introducing "Thad," an advanced AI Voice Model developed by Weights. Uniquely designed, Thad boasts a specialized context inspired by popular references in "Murder Drones," enhancing its capacity to create robust and captivating AI-generated music and voiceovers. Thad utilizes breakthrough technology in Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) to create incredibly realistic and diverse AI-generated voices. A standout in the world of AI Music, Thad is capable of crafting immersive and engaging AI Covers, perfect for setting a distinctive tone in any creative project. It is also handy in text-to-speech conversion, bringing a truly unique and immersive voice experience to the user. Experience the future of AI-generated music and voiceovers with Thad. Unleash your creativity today with our free AI tools at Weights, and transform your musical narratives into immersive audio experiences. Create arresting AI Covers or utilize Thad’s advanced text-to-speech capabilities for your projects.

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