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Switch Sports Announcer


Introducing our "Switch Sports Announcer (RVC V2-TITAN Pretrain)(200 Epochs)(RMVPE)" model, an innovative product from Weights that combines the potency of AI Voice with advanced RVC Model technology. This remarkable model is a unique blend of AI Music and sports announcing. Utilizing breakthrough RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology and equipped with the power of V2-TITAN Pretrain, it's capable of mastering 200 Epochs, a distinctive feature that sets it apart. The performance is further refined by the unique RMVPE element, offering unparalleled quality. Whether you're an indie creator or a professional studio, this model provides you with the perfect platform to create AI Covers and bring your vision to life with soul-stirring AI music. Unleash your creative potential with our advanced Text-to-Speech technology and transform the way you design sound. Explore the power of your voice with Weights! Create AI Covers or Text-to-Speech with our free AI tools today, enriching your soundscape with the innovative prowess of the "Switch Sports Announcer (RVC V2-TITAN Pretrain)(200 Epochs)(RMVPE)" model.

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