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Introducing "Martika", a groundbreaking AI Voice Model by Weights that exhibits a unique application of RVC (Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion) technology. Our Martika model draws inspiration from her iconic live vocals on Arsenio Hall, offering a vibrant display of audio sophistication. Bringing the magic of AI Music to your fingertips, our model recreates the distinct vocal nuances with accuracy, offering an incredible platform to create AI Covers. Step into the forefront of AI music revolution where technology meets creativity. With Weights' sophisticated RVC Model, you can now turn any text into a digital symphony that echoes with Martika's dynamic vocal color. Embrace the AI-run music industry revolution by creating captivating AI Covers or leverage our Text-to-Speech capabilities with our free AI tools. Don't let the music stop; harness the powers of AI and RVC Model to turn your artistic vision into melodious reality. Start creating your masterpiece today with Weights!

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