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Victor Willis (Village People)

Victor Willis (Village People)

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Introducing the "Victor Willis (Village People)" AI Voice Model from Weights, an innovative tool designed for creative applications. This model employs the unique vocals of Victor Willis, shining star of the iconic Village People and the distinct voice behind the unforgettable song - YMCA. Utilizing the state-of-art Retrieval-Based Voice Conversion (RVC) technology, our AI model enables you to create authentic AI covers and incorporates superior sound quality. The versatility of the Victor Willis model makes it a quintessential choice for AI music production, song remixing, and transforming text-to-speech with an extraordinary sonic touch. Don't limit your creative exposure. Join us at Weights for a free AI tools trial and let your digital artistry come alive. Explore the magic of AI Music and RVC Model technology, venture into creating compelling AI covers, and redefine sound productions with the Victor Willis (Village People) model today!

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